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10th Annual Conference 2016
Communities in Transition:
Culture, Critical Enquiry and Tradition
Wrocław, Poland, May 16-19, 2016

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    Recent Publications

    John Finnis and Alasdair MacIntyre on our Knowledge of the Precepts of Natural Law
    John Macias

    Fully Informed Reasonable Disagreement and Tradition Based Perspectivalism
    E.D. Baldwin

    Alasdair MacIntyre, George Lindbeck, and the Nature of Tradition
    David Trenery

    The Character of the Manager:
    From Office Executive to Wise Steward

    Greg Beabout

    Reason, Tradition, and the Good:
    MacIntyre’s Tradition-Constituted Reason and Frankfurt School Critical Theory

    Jeffery Nicholas

    Reading Alasdair MacIntyre’s After Virtue
    Christopher Lutz

    Virtue and Politics
    ed. Kelvin Knight and Paul Blackledge

    • 2017: Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense (Denis Forest and Lorraine Gérardin-Laverge)

    • 2018: Mugla University, Turkey (Buket Korkut-Raptis)

    • 2019: University of Notre Dame (David Solomon)

    • 2020: Durham University, UK (Geoff Moore and Ron Beadle)

    • 2021: USA

    • 2022: Croatia (Anita Calvert)

    ISME is now a Tax-Exempt Organization